What is a gold steering wheel in multi-player?

When playing Mario Kart Wii online there seem to be 3 controller categories displayed next to player names;

  • none – normal wii controller/controller + nunchuck.

  • white steering wheel – being hardcore and using the steering wheel.

  • gold steering wheel – ???.

What is the gold steering wheel and what does it signify?


Various FAQs claim that you get the Gold Wheel display for “playing with the wheel a lot”, but give no more detailed information.

However, the outcome of this discussion as well as this thread indicate that the following critera need to be met:

  • You have to have raced at least 100 races.
  • You need to have used Wii Wheel as your controller more than 50% of the time.

That last link is on the official Mario Kart Wii forums and cites the official game guide, so it seems pretty trustworthy.

Source : Link , Question Author : AnthonyBlake , Answer Author : raveturned

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