What is an effective way of acquiring the Demolition Derby achievement?

This challenge requires you to get a chain of destroying 50 breakable objects. So far in the game, I have not been able to find any area that has that many objects close together. Is there a particular area that you find is good for getting this achievement? Any other tips?


Cemetery of the Forsaken is a pretty nice place with relatively few enemies. Just go around in a circle, keep your rhythm, and don’t forget you can smash those stone column things near stairs. Use those columns to hop between the gravestone patches.

Also, having a skill such as Leap or some other kind of teleport will help you keep the rhythm if you accidentally end up too far away from your next target.

I recommend using a close-range melee attack. AoE attacks are not recommended because you might end up in an empty area that you created. If you use skills that consume your resource, make sure you have as much as possible and can easily regenerate it by, for example, attacking the skeletons in the area.

Using +movement speed gear is also very helpful.

Source : Link , Question Author : deutschZuid , Answer Author : Ghostship

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