What is Caroline’s fate at the end of Portal 2?

At the end of Portal 2, when something in the building makes an announcement that Caroline is deleted, how much of her was really deleted?

Maybe this is intended to be open-ended, but it seems a little conflicting. Some things seem to suggest that Caroline remained in some capacity:

  • The turrets in the elevator ride to the top spared Chell, even though they clearly had a much better chance of ending her than any other time in the game.
  • Caroline was “deleted” only after having saved Chell, which is some unknown time (probably a few hours) after the core transfer.
  • The ending song: “Now little Caroline is in here too, one day they woke me up so I could live forever”
  • Her voice is still Caroline’s, and in the condemned level, Cave goes on a rant about brain mapping and putting people (specifically, Cave or Caroline) onto a CD, which would suggest that GLaDOS is intrinsically Caroline, not just a computer with a bit of Caroline in it.

But of course, there’s the announcement at the end, and GLaDOS’ voice goes back to being deeper and more heavily vocoded.

Any stalemate resolution associates around?


GlaDOS is made up of a few different personalities (the personality spheres), and Caroline was probably one of the ones that was integrated closest to GlaDOS. It’s fairly likely that Caroline’s more closely integrated and influenced aspects of GlaDOS’s development, but GlaDOS clearly has her own personality because otherwise she probably wouldn’t have flooded the enrichment centre with a deadly neurotoxin.

There’s a much simpler explanation for the turrets ignoring Chell; GlaDOS no longer wants to kill Chell, so the turrets no longer recognise her as a target. Because they’re made by Aperture, though, they’re quirky enough to recognise Chell as an audience instead. Hence the singing – you can run across them practising earlier in the game.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rei Miyasaka , Answer Author : Merus

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