What is ezic gift?

I just got a gift of a thousand credits in the game, which is listed as EZIC GIFT in the end of day screen. The ability to uncheck it seems to indicate that something negative will come out of it.

End of day 11 -screen. A strange man brought money. Uncheck to burn it.

What is it and what are its effects?


EZIC, referred to as the Order of the Ezic Star, is a mysterious
organization in Papers, Please. The player first encounters EZIC when
a random immigrant hands a business card over to the player. Seeing as
the card only appears on the last level of the Beta, EZIC isn’t
mentioned again. However, on the back of the card, an immigrant’s name
is shown. The player must give the card to that person who will then
say “If you help us, we will help you”.

After a few days, The EZIC
will give you 1000 credits with the option to burn it.


Source : Link , Question Author : 3ventic , Answer Author : Community

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