What is gold good for?

I have a good supply of gold; however I do not know what to do with it all! Golden armour and tools wear out too fast to be useful, so what do I do with all my gold?


I’m not really a Minecraft player, but a quick glance at the wiki indicates that you should (like with other metals) first smelt raw gold ore in to Gold Ingots, using a furnace.

These ingots can then be used to craft weapons and armour (which you don’t want), but also used to create Clocks and Powered Rail.

You can also combine 9 ingots in to a Gold Block, these can then be used for construction (if you want a nice golden house or something) or these ingots can then be used to craft a Golden Apple, which instantly restores your health.

Given the supposed rare nature of Gold within the game and the items you can create with it, I would presume Gold’s most important usage is in the creation of Powered Rail, which (from what I see here) vastly increases your construction options with mine carts.

Source : Link , Question Author : Christopher , Answer Author : Joe the Person

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