What is in Blizzard’s Cloud?

When installing SC2 on a new computer, some things are preserved when you log into your old account. I thought save games were one of them, but apparently not.

This naturally leads to the question, what IS stored in the cloud. Achievements seem to be, but not campaign progess. Are replays? Custom Maps? Friend list? Anything else?


Blizzard’s cloud service Battle.net stores a variety of StarCraft 2 information:

Things stored in the cloud:

  • Achievements / Feats of Strength
  • Campaign Progress (but not save games)
  • Friend List (across all Blizzard properties: Diablo, World of WarCraft, StarCraft)
  • Player Profile (which provides a UI for much of the above)

Not stored in the cloud:

Source : Link , Question Author : Kexlox , Answer Author : Community

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