What is pickpocket experience based on?

I seem to level up my pickpocketing skill very fast based on what items I pickpocket.

My question is, is it based on % chance to pickpocket, with lower percentages granting more experience, or is it based on the value of what I pickpocket.

I know success percent decreases based on value, but it also seems to decrease based on how heavy an item is.

Will pickpocketing something with a 50% chance and a value of 100 give me more experience than pickpocketing something with a 90% chance and a value of 1000?


It’s based on the value of theitems you steal.

Easy way to check this: Go to a trainer, pay them for training 1 level of a skill. Then pickpocket the money you paid them back. Then pay them for training 4 levels, and pickpocket that money back all at once. You’ll see a much greater skill increase.

(Incidentally, you can use this ‘exploit’ to reach a fairly high level before even leaving the first village in the game.)

Source : Link , Question Author : Mr Smooth , Answer Author : LessPop_MoreFizz

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