What is the actual drop rate for crates?

Back when I was in Rookie/Semi Pro I was receiving a crate every few games. Now – top end of Pro – I might get a crate in 5 hours. Some friends say that leaving the game open for a while after finishing a match will increase your rate, but I haven’t seen any proof of that. I get Uncommons fairly often after this most recent update, but have only received one Crate (CC2) since. What factors really determine the drop rate for crates? Are there any legitimate ways to increase your chances?


I’ve been trading since Championship crate 1 has been released. And I will give you a general rule of how often crates get released.

First off, Drops occur randomly. And on a weekly basis they get reset.
The other thing you have to understand is that crates do not fall at a consistent rate during the course of a week. Some weeks you might get 2 crates, other weeks you might get 8.

But you can measure them based on the number of hours you have played the game. Whenever I used to find a new trader that has never traded crates or un-boxed crates. I would ask them how many crates they had total.

If a player started playing AFTER crates was introduced to Rocket League. The measurement would be based on the total number of hours they have played.

10 hours per crate.

If a person has 200 hours, they will roughly have around 20 crates. 600 hours, 60 crates. 1000 hours, 100 crates.

I’ve asked this question to over 200 players. The measurement is always the same. If the user had been playing long before crates was introduced, then I wouldn’t take his data into account.

Source : Link , Question Author : rivermont – Will B. , Answer Author : n_plum

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