What is the best angle for an enderpearl if I am aiming for distance?

I have only 1 ender pearl, and want to get as far as possible. What angle should I throw it at?


Interesting question, and I’ve just performed some test on a superflat world. I started issuing commands to set my player position, as follows:

/tp 0.0 4 0.0 0 -35

The last parameter, is the angle of inclination, with 0 being horizontal, -90 looking straight up into the sky, and +90, being looking straight down. I did a set of tests starting at 20° (-20 in the TP command), increasing by 5° at a time, which revealed the following Z coordinate results on the F3 screen after teleporting to where the ender pearl landed.

20 41.409
25 47.133
30 50.347
35 53.170
40 52.095
45 52.069
50 49.076
55 46.046

The results above show that 35° is the optimal at 5° steps, so I then tested at 34° and 36°, just in case 35 wasn’t quite optimal, and the results were as follows

34 52.674
35 53.170
36 52.509

So there you have it, 35° is the optimal value.

Note that I’m running 1.8.1, result may vary between versions, though unlikely I’d say.

Note the testing wasn’t very scientific, as I might have moved the mouse a little as I threw the ender pearl (although I’m pretty sure I didn’t), also the X coordinate during this testing did vary slightly, it seems to be 0.0 ± 0.5, not significant enough to be an issue though.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tim , Answer Author : Bryan

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