What is the best strategy to take out a tank or armored vehicle if you’ve snuck up next to it?

I keep seeing tanks and being able to walk right up to them seems like a huge advantage when the gunner is looking somewhere else… but I’m not sure if there’s an unlock that I still need to get that would give me something to completely disable an armored vehicle at close range.

Shooting at it with a weapon is pointless. A rocket launcher would work but takes 2 or 3 hits.


There are 3 ways to take out a tank from close range.

The first is as Support, to use your C4’s. 3 of them will destroy any armoured vehicle from full health.

The second is as Engineer, use the repair tool on the enemy vehicle to damage it fairly quickly.

The third is also as engineer, and just involves planting anti tank mines around it and hoping it drives onto one of them.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michael Pryor , Answer Author : Mr Smooth

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