What is the daily limit for the number of coins won with social interactions?

There are several ways to win coins in Miitomo, but my question is only about the following possibilities :

  • Answering a question (awards you 15 coins).
  • Listening to a friend answer (awards you 5 coins).
  • Commenting a friend answer (awards you 15 coins).

My question is, how many times can you win coins for each one of those on a daily basis ?


If you answer a question, you can gain 15 coins up to five times a day, so you can get a total of 75 coins.

The same applies for commenting a friend’s answer : you will obtain 15 coins up to five times a day, for a total of 75 coins.

Listening to a friend’s answer will award you with 5 coins up to ten times a day, so you can obtain 50 coins this way.

In total, you can obtain 200 coins on a daily basis this way.

Source : Link , Question Author : Isuka , Answer Author : Isuka

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