What is the difference between Breath of the Wild’s Thunderblade and Frostblade?

I recently noticed something similar with the thunderblade and frostblade: they both stop enemies from moving. While the thunderblade stuns, the frostblade freezes. However, is there any other major difference between the 2 weapons that isn’t obvious such as damage, stun/freeze time, etc ? I still don’t have either weapon so I can’t test it for myself.

Note that the obvious means like how frostblade works better in hot areas such as Death Mountain.


Like Ben said, the only difference between the two weapons is that one provides a frost modifier, and the other provides a shock modifier. There is no other difference between the weapons. This frost/shock modifier, however, has multiple effects. Ben has gone through the direct effects from these modifiers, so I wll go through the other effects.

Effects from frost modifier:

  • Instantly kills fire-based enemies (Fire/Meteo Wizzrobes, Fire-Breath Lizalfos, and Fire Chuchu)
  • Decreases the ambient temperature around you, which indirectly provides heat resistance in hot areas like Gerudo Desert (it also indirectly provides fire resistance for Death Mountain, but it must be combined with another source of fire resistance to avoid the burning point)
  • Can freeze cooking ingredients
  • Changes Chuchu Jelly to White Chuchu Jelly

Effects from shock modifier:

Source : Link , Question Author : Bloonchipper , Answer Author : MBorg

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