What is the fastest/cheapest/most efficient way of killing immigrants?

I try to run a fortress with just seven dwarves inside which never go outside. Literally they are sealed inside.

The question is how to deal with migrants. I want every migrant wave to clear mess after the previous wave, sort corpses and spare belongings to stockpiles and die quickly (so they don’t spam with complaints).

Surprisingly it turned out to be a hard task for, at least for a newbie. Don’t forget, that seven dwarves must be able to build killing conveyor during first spring and summer, before first waves appears on the map.

Bonus question is how to solve a problem of ghosts. I had to devote a whole full-time dwarf (remember, I have only seven!) to make coffins. Is there better way? Special problem arise when next wave can’t bury corpses because of a siege. I tried slabs, but their interface is sooo inconvenient when you have to place memorials for 20 migrants in a row.


  1. Make a holding area with a floor of upright spear traps all linked to a single lever inside.

  2. Have a drawbridge to raise up and close off the entrance to the kill room. Link the drawbridge lever somewhere inside the fort proper.

  3. Make a “meeting area” zone inside the kill room. Since the rest of your fort is cut off, your own dwarves can’t path to it, and when migrants come they’ll go there automatically.

  4. When a new wave comes, shut them in and put the “Pull the Lever” task on repeat.

  5. Make some tea and watch the drama unfold.

  6. The lucky lever-pulling survivor can be used to clean up the mess, maybe putting all the dropped stuff into a cart for delivery into the fortress later while getting rid of the… um… “biological by-products”, if you will.

Source : Link , Question Author : Daniel Vartanov , Answer Author : MasterShizzle

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