What is the fastest way to travel long distances in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, I have pretty much emptied the places around my home of resources and thus I need to travel a lot to other mines. I would like to know a fast way to do so. I have tried minecarts on rails (take up a lot of iron, and aren’t really that fast), boats and more. I guess I should build some sort of construction.

What is the fastest mean of transport you can make in Minecraft (something which is still worth the effort to build, of course)?


Well, the fastest form of transportation is by minecart, and within The Nether you travel at a 8:1 ratio as in the overworld, so my answer would be traveling via minecart in The Nether.

(Even walking in The Nether is faster than any overworld transportation – minecarts top out at 8m/s, and you certainly walk faster than 1m/s.)

Source : Link , Question Author : Anto , Answer Author : Kevin Yap

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