What is the logic behind auto-recommended 6 Pokémon when you enter a gym battle?

Every time I enter a gym battle, the game recommends six Pokémon to me to battle with. Generally, the recommended six do not include my best Pokémon, even if my best Pokémon’s HP is full. I am always editing that recommended six and I get tired of editing this.

Should I trust the game and take the recommended six Pokémon with me into battle?

Is there any logic behind this?


It seems that the way it preselects these 6 is by finding the best type matches for the opponent. From what I’ve seen it tends to base this on typing and movesets, then sorts by CP and HP.

That said, I haven’t seen it suggest what I would call the “optimal” 6 Pokemon for the entire fight. It looks like it selects all 6 to combat a single opposing Pokemon, typically the first one you will fight. It seems like it merely chooses an advantageous type matchup Pokemon with the highest CP then goes down the list.

I was able to find some evidence to support what I’ve said here and here.

Source : Link , Question Author : Attalos , Answer Author : Vemonus

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