What is the most effective way to counter a Sniper?

What are good strategies for countering a dominating sniper? What classes, class combinations, and weapons are effective against snipers?


There are 3 general ways to deal with snipers:

  1. Become better at dodging/avoiding shots. Learn and use terrain to get out of the sniper’s view, and also adjust movement to make it difficult to snipe. Don’t just run in the open from point A to point B.
  2. Spying. Spies are unrivaled at harassing snipers. A good spy or two will keep snipers constantly spy checking and unable to spend time zoomed in. The Ambassador will take care of those Razorbacked snipers just fine. Also, don’t decloak right behind a sniper. It’s usually fairly quiet next to a sniper, so its really easy to hear a decloak. To be fair, to go with the tons of bad spies that do this, there are tons of bad snipers that are caught with this. Maybe they should turn down their music?
  3. Counter-sniping. Simply be better than the other sniper. Lock down the other snipers, AND rain down on the other team. Snipers are their own counter.

People such as soliders and demomen never really bother me as a sniper. I see them coming, and a demo will be mostly dead if not already dead on the way down. Mid-air is a great place to shoot people at that. Scouts are annoying, but them along with any class should generally have a rough time getting to you past your team to be a regular issue. Other classes really shouldn’t be reaching you.

Source : Link , Question Author : C. Ross , Answer Author : Eric

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