What is the most efficient village housing layout?

I’d like to add an ‘apartment complex’ to a village to boost its population.

What would be the best floor plan for such a complex?


Here’s the best solution I could come up with:

Minecraft apartment complex

Some details:

  • The bottom floor is one block off the ground; in hard mode this prevents zombies from breaking down the doors.
  • The buildings are 7×7 with a 1 block ledge on the higher levels, so each has a 9×9 footprint. (The footprint expands to 11×11 when you consider the mandatory airspace that must exist about the complex for the village code to register the door properly.)
  • There are a series of staircases inside the buildings to access the higher levels.
  • I built columns between doors because I found in practice the villagers had a hard time navigating through doors touching each other.
  • Each floor is 12 doors, yielding > 4 villagers per floor
  • There’s a 3-block gap between buildings which gives a 1-block gap between ledges. This ensures the ‘outside’ is computed properly by the village code.
  • On higher levels I have connecting blocks between ledges at the intersection of buildings; these do not interfere with the ‘outside’ computations, as they aren’t directly in line with any doors.

Now that I have plenty of villagers it’s a matter of pruning out the bad ones.

Source : Link , Question Author : fbrereto , Answer Author : Community

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