What is the most powerful non-beam spell in Magicka?

Everywhere I look for powerful spell combinations says to use the Steam Beam (QFQFAAS), but however powerful that is on those big powerful enemies, it’s fairly ineffective on big groups of lesser enemies.

What is a more spammable spell that I could use to deal with these kinds of battles? I’ve been mostly using QRQRQRQRS, (4 ice, 1 arcane), which shoots out a ton of arcane shards and can deal upwards of 3500 damage if the enemy is right next to me and can kill a bunch of imps at once. Are there any other options? Pressing 9 keys every time I want to cast a spell makes it rather hard to cast in the fray of things.


So, I don’t have exact numbers, but I tend to use SDFQ (steam ball), which will get a large number of enemies in a small area wet (and it does pretty good damage). Then I use SDR (frost ball), which will freeze and do a massive amount of damage to any enemies that are wet.

To do the most amount of damage, make sure to use the right-click version of the frost ball. If you really need to get away, or stop a bunch of enemies attacking, you can use the shift-right-click version of these spells. It won’t do as much damage, but it will stop most of the enemies around you, giving you a chance to get away.

If the enemies have a small enough amount of health (the normal imps), SDR on its own is usually enough to take them out in two shots.

You can use the beam version of these spells as well, if you are only fighting a single enemy (just remove the D from each spell). Even enemies with a large amount of HP will go down super fast.

TLDR; SDFQ – get baddies wet, SDR – freeze ’em good.

Source : Link , Question Author : Invader Skoodge , Answer Author : nimbus57

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