What is the name of this squad-based battle game?

I found in the pictures of my old iPhone a screenshot of a game I used to play about 1-2 years ago.

skeletons fire on the the main characters

The goal was to compose a team of 4 members (picked among ~10 characters that all had unique abilities : rogue, knight, paladin, witch, mage etc.) and you had to progress by beating all the enemies on a level, sometime it was a Boss. You were rewarded with gold, items and XP.

I can’t remember the name. I’ve tried searching the AppStore games with generic terms such as “knight” “beat them all” “battle” “magic” “rpg” etc. but had no luck so far. I also tried to google this image with no result. Can anyone help me ?



Via a reverse image search of this piece, I found the game.

It’s called Battleheart (Google Play link | IOS Appstore link).

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : WizLiz , Answer Author : 5pike

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