What is the optimal strategy for the launched site in Stack Egg?

Some of the sites seem to have a much better performance than others. In particular, during Stack Overflow’s first round, I found that the stats always seemed quite low, with no traffic, and no seeming way to get out of the situation.

How can one best get through the launched phase, achieving the best performance?


As far as I can tell, the following is the optimal strategy for the launched product. Every round, choose the top item from this list. If an item is 4 hearts, then go on to the next level.

  1. If an item is red, it deserves prompt attention. It seems there is a 4 day grace period, after which a reset will be forced.
  2. Raise the Questions via ask to 4 hearts.
  3. Raise the Answers via answer to 4 hearts.
  4. Raise the quality to 4 hearts via downvotes. Closed seems to be a waste, as it affects the top priority.
  5. Raise the User via upvotes to 4 hearts.
  6. Choose either ask or answer if everything is 4 hearts.

Why does this work?

  1. If the question score is low, then the answer score will drop.
  2. The traffic score increments if both quality and answers are high.
  3. Traffic seems to be the biggest incrementer of the score.

Source : Link , Question Author : PearsonArtPhoto , Answer Author : PearsonArtPhoto

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