What is the probability of 4?

I would like to know with what probability the number 4 appears in the grid of the game 2048. As well, is this probability the same at the beginning? I tried to find the original game’s source code, but I did not succeed.


Extracted from the source code (line 71) :

var value = Math.random() < 0.9 ? 2 : 4;

Math.random() returns a number between 0 and 1. This code can be read as follows : Is the pseudo-randomly generated number strictly less than 0.9? If yes the tile value is 2, if no the value is 4. Assuming Math.random() generates numbers with uniform probability over (0,1), the code implies a 90% chance of a 2, and 10% chance of a 4.

As for your second question: Yes, the probability is the same at the beginning. When the game starts 2 tiles are generated and their value randomized with the code above.

Source : Link , Question Author : yo’ , Answer Author : WizLiz

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