What is the real duration of the Viking’s transformation?

According to the in-game tooltip, the official site, and practically every other source the duration of the Viking’s transform ability is 3 seconds (either from ground to air or air to ground). However, when transforming a large group of vikings it seems that they don’t all finish the transformation at precisely the same instant.

I’ve read that this divergence is simply created by them moving a little before starting the transformation, for spacing, but upon testing it behaves the same even if I space them in advance. Besides, it happens in the ground to air transformation as well, which doesn’t really have any positioning issues.

Is it just a cosmetic effect and the ability does have a constant duration, or does it actually have a random element, just like burrowing has a random element in the duration?


In Galaxy Data Editor, on the Morph ability for both Viking – Assault Mode and Viking – Fighter Mode, the Random Delay Maximum field is set to 0.5 (seconds). It’s just a pre-transform delay for effect 🙂 It also explains the lack of delay on move commands, blink, stim, etc. (they don’t have this field set, and in fact may not have it at all)

Source : Link , Question Author : Oak , Answer Author : RCIX

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