What is the relationship between Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls?

I just got a hold of Dark Souls but I have never played Demon’s Souls before. I know the games are related and was just wondering to what degree in terms of storyline, characters, etc.


According to the developers, Dark Souls is not a direct sequel of Demon’s Souls but a spiritual successor. So the story are not related even though the mechanics are really close, and the game are made by the same director and producer.

From an interview of the game director Hidetaka:

“What we we want to clear up is this is actually not a sequel to Demon’s Souls – we’re treating this as a brand new game created by the same director and producer,” Miyazaki-san told CVG in an interview.

“Again it is created by the same director and producer, so the base concept and themes are very similar. However, the story itself as well as a lot of the game features have been recreated so that we can present this as a brand new title.”

Source : Link , Question Author : Craig Pilgrim , Answer Author : Sylvain Defresne

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