What is the reward for defeating all 17 Cyberpsychos?

After traversing every region in Night City and engaging in a series of difficult fights I’ve defeated and incapacitated all 17 Cyberpsychos. Afterwards, I was called to Regina’s location and she congratulated me for vanquishing the psychos without outright killing them – and then nothing happened. The ‘Psycho Killer’ side gig finished but I didn’t seem to get a reward, and Regina didn’t mention any bonus payout.

Am I missing something? Will she contact me later to offer a payout when her research has concluded? I anticipated a reward for defeating all of the Cyberpsychos but nothing seems to have happened.


There is no in game reward beyond the eddies you make while completing these missions for Regina. There is also no follow up mission once you have completed all of them like there are with some of the missions in game. You will get between 1000 and 3000 eddies per mission you complete.

Once all of the cyber psycho sighting missions have been completed you will earn the achievement “I am the law”.

Source : Link , Question Author : PausePause , Answer Author : kalina

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