What is the starting bias for different factions?

The starting bias is the setting (you can disable it in game set up) which allows your civilization to have a starting point similar to its original historical location. Like for instance if you play for ottomans you would start in a desert or if you play for iroquois you would start in a forest. So what is this bias for other factions?

Also, how does it work, is the part of the map generated specifically for a certain civilization, or is it generated randomly and then the best fitting spots found?


This is based on the comments and data inside the XML file (Assets/Gameplay/XML/Civilizations/CIV5Civilizations.xml).

The start bias just chooses the location on the map, it does not influence map generation itself.

There are 4 different start bias categories, a civilization can only belong in one category:

  • Start along Ocean
  • Start along River
  • Start in specific Region
  • Avoid specific Region

The start biases for the specific civilizations are the following:

Civilization    Start bias
England         Ocean
Ottoman         Ocean
Arabia          Desert
Aztec           Jungle
India           Grass
Iroquois        Forest
Russia          Tundra
Egypt           Avoid Jungle and Forest
Siam            Avoid Forest
Songhai         Avoid Tundra

DLC Civ         Start bias
Mongolia        Plains
Spain           Ocean
Inca            Hills
Polynesia       Ocean

Source : Link , Question Author : Adj , Answer Author : Oak

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