What is the surface water to land ratio in minecraft?

I know the worlds are generated randomly by a seed the creation of a new world. I also know that there are rules to how everything is put together. Water only between these levels (as an ocean) ores of type X found in range Y, everything pretty much between 0 and 128.

What I am looking for is if there is also some sort of rhyme or reason to just the overall shape/makeup of land on the surface level. Like is there some sort of ratio that this % of the surface must be covered in water vs land or the like.

I hope this clears up my question as again, I know its all random at the end of the day.


This depends entirely on the random seed used to generate the world.

Update: This blog post by Notch on Terrain generation in Minecraft may be of interest to you even though it doesn’t give you the figures you are looking for. Basically: The terrain is generated from Perlin noise with some manipulations to ensure that there is enough land and water. This means the ratio will fall within some range (but I can’t say what it is, sorry).

Source : Link , Question Author : James , Answer Author : Rein Henrichs

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