What is this handheld console/game?

I have no idea what these games are or if they have a console.

Does anyone know what these are? I don’t see a company logo on them either.

Image 1 - 4 cartridges

Image 2 - cartridge back


Searching for the phrase “Blue whale & battle boat”, led me to this hand held game:

enter image description here

The title on that page says it is: “Unusual FINAL FANTASY VIII Handheld Video 5 in 1 Game Mint Sealed In Package!”

The 4 pieces you see here are part of the screens that can be inserted into the main center to play the game on their title.

Further searching using the term “Final Fantasy VIII handheld” found more instances of it on ebay, seems to be a one off handheld LCD game.

Source : Link , Question Author : user201569 , Answer Author : l I

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