What is Weapon Handling?

I don’t quite understand what exactly Improved Weapon Handling does in Borderlands 3.

In Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel you only had Accuracy but now you have Accuracy and Handling.

Does it reduce weapon sway? Recoil? Something else or multiple things combined?

What can I expect when using a weapon with low or high Weapon Handling respectively?


The closest thing I’ve found to an official statement on it, is a developer tweet:

Handling is a single stat reflecting both recoil and gun sway. Higher numbers are better (meaning at higher numbers, the gun has less recoil and/or less sway).

What this means is that Handling will reduce the amount of sway and deviation the area gets from firing a gun (more so when firing continuously), while more Accuracy will make the initial area your gun can hit smaller.


Source : Link , Question Author : Jutschge , Answer Author : Ivo Coumans

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