What knowledge am I supposed to start with in Minecraft?

My children play Minecraft based on extensive “lore” from friends and experimentation.

Of course, one can find anything one wants about it by googling, but if discovery is supposed to be part of the game, what knowledge is one officially supposed to have as one starts playing Minecraft?


There is no right or wrong way to play Minecraft.

When you first play the game you are thrown into a world with no idea of what you are supposed to be doing or how to do it. The lack of a tutorial (in the PC version) means that players usually rely on the official Minecraft wiki to learn new crafting recipes or play techniques.

The longer you play the game, the more your knowledge grows, digging deeper into the mechanics of the game (and the ground). The game is constantly being updated, so you are always learning new things.

The only knowledge really needed to play the game is how to use the controls (FPS controls on a PC, or how to use a game controller), but these are easily learnt and will feel natural very quickly.

If your children are having trouble playing the game, I would recommend this beginners guide, or let them play around in creative mode.

Source : Link , Question Author : John Robertson , Answer Author : Caleb

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