What makes an area easier then another?

What do I need to look for in an area for the first fortress?


if this is your first fortress, I would suggest finding an area that matches the following conditions:

  • Evil: Medium
  • Tempeature: Medium
  • Flux Stone: Yes
  • Aquifers: No
  • River: Yes

This should lead to a biome that satisfies the following conditions:

  • Temerature: Temperate (green) or Warm (yellow)
  • Trees: Sparse (white), Woodland (green) or Heavily Forested (dark green)
  • Other Vegitation: Moderate (white) or Thick (green)

Ensure there is at least one white ground layer in the overview, and there are no layers which have blue squigly lines (aquifer indicator) behind them, and the name of the river of brook is given. (a brook is preferred and stay away from the sea)

Also, if there are Goblins around, check if they’re not at war (Tab)

whle these settings aren’t a source of much fun, they’re perfect for learning the first steps in dwarf fortress (the only fun thing you can basically do, is flooding your fortress)

Source : Link , Question Author : antony.trupe , Answer Author : alexanderpas

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