What objects are interactive on the playing board?

When playing against slow opponents I spend most of my time clicking the interactive areas of to boards like the catapult, bonfire and farm.

I have multiple times though I had found them all but then found a new place to click.

So what are the places you can click on each board to have something happen?


Orgrimmar board

  • Zeppelin – tumbles when clicked
  • Rock by the zeppelin – tumbles more and more when clicked like it’s going to fall
  • Gates – can be closed and opened
  • Vines by the gates – If you hack them enough they spread a bit
  • Forge – clicking black smoke will exhaust / “ignite” it
  • Banner by the forge – flops a bit when clicked
  • Catapult – you can put rock in it and fire it on the enemy,than cork it back and re do

Stranglethorn board

  • Diamond in the statue – if you click enough it will fall out
  • Eyes in the dark beneath the statue – makes some roar or hiss sound
  • Vines on the gates – if you click enough you can cut them
  • Skull on top of the gates – makes drumming sound
  • Coconut tree over the gates – coconuts can fall off
  • Waterfall – clicking water makes splashing sound and effect and can create rainbow
  • Bushes – will make them move a bit
  • Tent door – makes snoring sound
  • Tent roof – clicking the pelt will make it “jump”,dust off and change(leopard,zebra,tiger)
  • Fire by the tent – Clicking can ignite it

Stormwind board

  • Glass around church doors – can be broken
  • Lamp near the church – turn on/off
  • Church roof – bell sounds
  • Armory sign – one chain can be broken by clicking
  • Armory door – open/close
  • Armory roof – one tile can fall out
  • Armory window – turn lights on/off
  • Bushes near church and armory – can be clicked
  • Clock tower roof – boards can be broken
  • Clock – makes ticking sound,adds a minute,and should be set to current time
  • Well – splashing effect until the bucket falls in,also one of the bricks can be broken off
  • Gryphon – Moves and follows you mouse when clicked
  • Banner under the Gryphon – swirls when clicked
  • Haystack – hay straws flying effect when clicked
  • Crates behind haystack – can be broken

Pandaria board

  • Kite – moves a bit when clicked
  • Wooden stake that holds the kite – you can pull it out and lose your kite 🙁
  • Round paper light – moves a bit when clicked and makes a sound
  • Window light – on left building can be turned on/off no sure for the right building window
  • Doors on watermill – makes opene/close sound
  • Water wheel – you can help turning it by clicking
  • Gong – makes weak gong sound,each few hits it makes louder effect
  • Bush with flowers near gong – you can pop flowers
  • Fruit on farm – can be squashed
  • Water(irrigation) on farm – makes squashed fruit grow back(as different fruit)

Naxxramas board

  • Floating crystal – moves when clicked,after enough clicks it starts to crack
  • Egg sacks – can be poked,after enough clicks spiders crawl out from it
  • Spider eyes in the dark – when they appear you can click on them,usually spider just makes hissing sound and hides,sometimes bats flew out and rarely the spider bites your cursor
  • Skull,left eye – diamond falls out
  • Skull,scalp – tapping sound
  • Skull,left tusk – if you click it it just moves a bit,but if you click and hold the sludge will start pouring out from skull
  • Mushrooms – you can poke them,after enough clicks they release green gas
  • Sludge pit – bubbles
  • Sludge still,2 hatches – they can open/close
  • Sludge still,valve – can be turned,if turned enough times and if both hatches are closed the still will boil and release the sludge,otherwise it just releases steam
  • Sludge still,screw – 2nd screw from the left can be turned until it pops out
  • Sludge puddle – splashes

Goblins vs. gnomes board

  • Switches and red button on teleporter – pressing red button will spawn vegetable,fish,boot,diamond,bomb,banana,kite or chicken-bot inside teleporter.Setting of switches doesn’t appear to matter.
  • The teleporter corner – The tiny screw laying on the board can be clicked and will screw itself into the hole above it.
  • Laser gun – can be turned around and fired.Shooting at enemy hand will play a “Ouch!” sound. Shooting under the satellite dishes near the rocket will launch it.
  • Satellite dishes – play scanning sounds.
  • Furnace – holding furnace doors opened few times can ignite both of the nearby fireworks

Blackrock Mountain board

  • Left lava pool – clicking rune combinations can make maul/periscope/inflatable animal sink/surface.

    • valve on the periscope can be turned
    • inflatable animal can be popped
  • Right lava pool – Upper chain fills up the pool,lover one drains it.

  • Dragon eggs – can be squashed
  • Torch – can be lit or extinguished
  • Anvil – Clicking makes it glow more and changes nearby weapons(axe/sword/polearm)
  • Shield – Can be turned in to a round one

…And you can poke the dirt on the ground,which you will end up doing most when waiting.

Source : Link , Question Author : Blem , Answer Author : kamilman

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