What parts of Fallout: New Vegas are based on the real world?

I found out that the Helios One power plant actually exists (probably without Archimedes).

I also knew Nellis AFB, Hoover Dam and McCarran Airport were real, and some quick Googling showed that Boulder City also exists.

What other real-life buildings exist in the game world? Are the casinos based on real ones?


Here are places that exist in both the game and the real world:

The game also contains numerous locations that are parodies of real-world locations.

I’ll start with casinos, since you asked about those specifically:

  • The Bison Steve casino is based on Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino. Notable similarities include the large outdoor sign featuring a bison/buffalo and the presence of a roller coaster.

  • The Vikki & Vance casino corresponds to Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino. Vikki and Vance’s “death car” and artifacts are on display in the Vikki & Vance’s main hall, whereas Whiskey Pete’s has an exhibit containing the car and clothing Bonnie and Clyde died in.

  • The Atomic Wrangler‘s exterior sign is topped by a neon cowboy who looks somewhat like the iconic Vegas Vic. The Wrangler moves one of his arms, much like Vic did before 1991.

  • The Silver Rush‘s sign looks a lot like the sign the Golden Nugget used in the middle of the 20th century.

  • The Lucky 38 casino bears a resemblance to the Stratosphere tower.

  • The Gomorrah is based upon the former Dunes Hotel & Casino, now replaced by the Bellagio. They share faux-Persian décor and theming, and have similar architecture. The Dunes was also the first hotel on the Strip to offer topless performances.

  • The remaining in-game casinos (The Tops and The Ultra-Luxe) do not seem to be based on real casinos.

And now for other locations:

This list is incomplete. Anyone can edit it to add or correct stuff. To look for entries to add, go through the list of F:NV locations at the Fallout wiki. There should be a note if it’s a real world location.

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