What prevents users from cheating from outside a game?

When I thought about asking this I was watching a StarCraft 2 replay, but I guess this can happen on any game that has spectators, in which secrecy is a major part of the game (like hiding your tech from your opponent in sc2).

How (if at all) are users prevented from spectacting a game and feeding information to a player via (for example) instant messaging? I’m guessing friends or clan members would do that.
Is this just ignored? Is it not a big problem in general?


I guess it depends on how the spectating engine is implemented. For example in Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory. The game that the spectators were watching was delayed by I think 5 minutes or something like that. There is a purposeful delay built in so that this can’t happen.

I assume SC 2 has something similar built in, otherwise it’d be a big problem.

In most games, if for any reason you don’t trust another clan, or at some point they were suspected of cheating, you should be able to ask/demand that there are no spectators for that game.

Source : Link , Question Author : juan , Answer Author : Viper_Sb

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