What qualifies as a “good truck”?

In one of the patch notes of Euro Truck Simulator 2 I have found the following:

Hired drivers are more efficient when equipped by good truck

I couldn’t find any specification for this statement online.

What exactly is a “good truck” and which stats make it such? Does a large cabin increase productivity? Does a bigger chassis help or simply more Horsepower?


According to everything I could find on this, the more you upgrade your truck, the more efficient they will be. A “good truck” is just a more upgraded or better truck than the one they have currently. Some sources that seem to back this up.

so if you cheap out and give them a lower end truck then they can not work as hard!


I had a driver in a 310hp Stralis, and I upgraded it to the 560, and they’ve had an increase in revenue.


Source : Link , Question Author : BadSnowflake , Answer Author : Dragonrage

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