What race would be better for a beginner in Starcraft 2?

Is there a race which would make it easier to learn Starcraft 2 and learn the ebb and flow of multiplayer?

I understand that all three races are very different, but what is a good race to get the hang of micro and macro management, along with learning how to manage tactics and counter attacks?


There was another thread which asked why Protoss was the easiest race. This was closed for obvious reasons, but I’ll repeat the answer I wrote:

Protoss have a number of things that make them friendly to new players:

  • Workers don’t build buildings. Instead they start buildings and the buildings build themselves
  • Fewer, stronger, units. Protoss units tend to be tougher and more expensive than their Terran and Zerg equivalents. This can mean less micromanaging is necessary.
  • Good static defense. Photon cannons provide both air and ground defense making them a nice staple for new players.
  • Strong gateway units. The bulk of a Protoss force comes out of the Gateway, one of the first structures you build. This emphasis on a tier 1-1.5 (Zealots, Stalkers, Sentries) often makes life easier for new players.

That said, I started with Zerg, and I really enjoy them. Also if you come from more traditional RTS, you might find Terran to be more familiar. In the end, it doesn’t matter where you start as long as you put in the time to learn it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Elpezmuerto , Answer Author : tzenes

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