What route did you use to earn the Stunt Superstar award in Burnout Paradise?

The Stunt Superstar Paradise Award in Burnout Paradise requires you to get a x40 multiplier in a stunt run. I’m looking for suggestions from those who’ve gotten it. Which stunt run did you use and what was your route?


Choose a stunt run in the Downtown area of the map. The key is you don’t have to worry about the time limit on a stunt run as the stunt run will continue even after the time runs out as long as you keep the little countdown circle going and don’t crash! The countdown circle is kept going by performing stunts or more importantly a quick boost. So all you have to do when the countdown circle is about to run out is briefly boost and establish a route through Paradise City that allows you to perform a decent number of jumps and billboard smashes. There is a good amount around the Wildcats stadium area. If you need some more, head west down the Southbay Expressway and then up and into the quarry. Good luck!

Source : Link , Question Author : splattered bits , Answer Author : Chris Driver

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