What should I focus on to make money in Classic mode?

So, I’ve been having a great deal of trouble going from normal mode to Classic mode. My main problem is that I have countries jumping ship too much and I can’t get the money and the facilities built in time to stop them from doing that. I think my biggest problem in Classic mode is money. I’m starved for it with constantly trying to buy new satellites and arrays in the first two months. I know I should be focused on getting those satellites up in the first month or two, but I never have the money to effectively do that. Should I be selling off corpses left and right? Should I be taking only the abduction missions that net me money, or focus still on getting Engineers?


The Africa bonus helps later on, but in the beginning 30% of not much is not much. You absolutely have to get those satellites rolling. You also just need to deal with a little bit of luck, and hope that the nations starting to get bad panic are the same ones who pay well 🙂

Focus on the engineer missions first, you need to collect engis to make more uplinks/any workshops.

Remember that you can build satellites BEFORE having the capability of launching them, which helps ensure at least 4 birds in the air at the end of month 2.

In the beginning of the game, I sold power sources/flight modules/all my corpses pretty compulsively.

Source : Link , Question Author : CrystalBlue , Answer Author : Eric

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