What use are Steam Trading Cards?

Is it purely a ‘gotta-have-them-all’ mindset, or do they actually serve some purpose?

I notice that you are able to sell them on a community market. For a test I listed one, and someone bought it for 50p. Not exactly a huge amount, but I don’t understand why someone would spend real money on them.

Am I missing something?

Are they redeemable for games or money off vouchers or something ‘tangible’ that I’m missing?


Crafting a badge from a full set of cards gives

  • The badge (which gives Steam XP, which in turn gives Steam Level and therefore friend list slots)
  • A Steam Store coupon
  • An emoticon
  • A profile background

So, yes, there is quite some use to the cards. Whether or not it is worth it is an entirely different discussion.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rob , Answer Author : shanodin

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