What vehicles offer more than the standard set of controls?

Some vehicles in GTA 4 offered special controls or even missions to start when inside.

I’ve already found some vehicles in GTA 5 with more than the standard set of controls, but are there more? Or is there a Website that lists them all?

  • All Taxis -> Start Taxi Missions with D-Pad right
  • Tow Truck -> Left analog stick lowers/raises hook
  • Mountain Bike (w/ full suspension) -> R1 does a Bunny Hop

(I would appreciate it if the answer was made into a community wiki so others could append their findings.)


Another one I found:

  • On a racing bike, press RT (360) or R1 (PS3) to lean forward and go/accelerate faster, but with an higher turning radius. Quite useful during triathlons.

Source : Link , Question Author : Chaos_99 , Answer Author : Clement Bellot

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