What wall plug chargers can be used to charge PS3 controllers?

I want to charge my PS3 controllers (SIXAXIS) without having the PS3 running (because most of the time when it’s running, I’m actually using the controllers). Since the device charges over standard USB (mini USB) I thought it was going to work with any off the shelf USB wall plugs.

But I’ve tried with:

  • Apple charges (iPhone – several different generations, iPad)
  • Satnav/GPS charger
  • Digital camera charger
  • Random third-party generic USB charger

But none of them were able to charge the controller (at least the lights never flashed on the controller).

I have noticed there are (expensive) third party PS3 controller charger stations available, so it has to work somehow.

Why can’t the normal wall plug chargers, that are able to charge way more advanced hardware than the PS3 controller, charge them?

I’m aware of this question (Can you charge the PS3 over regular USB) but it asks about PC USB charging. I want wall-plug charging.


The Sony DUALSHOCK 3 controller requires a USB handshake with the AC adapter before accepting any connection. If your wall-plug charger contains the circuitry required to negotiate the handshake, then it should work provided it can supply the minimum amount of current.

So in other words, you need a charger built specifically for the PS3 controllers, or else be able to negotiate a handshake with a PS3 controller.

Source : Link , Question Author : Isak Savo , Answer Author : PileOfDuty

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