What’s the back-story in Fez?

I’ve been trying to piece together the backstory of FEZ – this is where I’m up to…

There are 4 races in FEZ:

  • Visitors – these appear as floating heads with 3 eyes and 3 tentacles.

  • Long-heads – these have long heads and one eye, they’re only seen in pictures.

  • Big-heads – you can talk to these but they have a different language.

  • Gomez’s species – only seen in the starting village.

Firstly, according to a blackboard in a classroom in Gomez’s village:

Evolution of Gomez

It looks like the long-heads and big-heads are ancestors of Gomez’s people.

I think that the long-heads were primitive ancestors that lived purely in 2D:

  • Their village is flat and the rooms there cannot be rotated.

  • They hunted animals (shown by one wall) and worshipped owls (shown by another), possible because the owls could see in 3D already.

Owl mural

The big-heads are harder to figure out, and I think visiting them might involve some time travel. There are two big-head villages:

  • Under construction village – this is populated and covered with scaffolding. It has the working stargate in it.

  • Ruined village – this is empty and overgrown, but almost identical.

I think that these are the same village before and after a catastrophe:

  • The populated village has a working stargate and a mural room that shows the visitors giving the stargate to the big-heads.

Primitive big-heads
Visitors arrive through gate

Visitors give stargate to big-heads
Big-head king has 3rd eye and stargate

  • The classroom in that village shows a visitor holding the number 3, implying that visitors showed the big-heads about the third dimension too.

  • The ruined village has a mural that shows the stargate being built and then in its destroyed state.

  • The ruined village’s stargate is destroyed by the space-holes, perhaps implying that’s how they’ve come into the world?

I think the visitors and the owls are related somehow, but I’m not sure how?

Were the visitors destroyed by the same catastrophe?

If I’m right about the time travel then Gomez is going back in time to complete the game, and it’s possible that in doing so he causes the disaster that destroys the big-head village.

If I’m wrong then what is going on?


One of the coolest parts of playing Fez has been piecing together a story based purely on engravings and a smattering of owl and Dot sayings.

The only bit in the history you’ve outlined that I would take issue with is the bit where you say the big heads are ancestors to Gomez’s people. And by big heads, I mean the ones running the successful stargate. I think the bigheads are the latest line in this string of creatures having heads large enough to contain information about the third dimension without shattering the hexahedron. They also all wear squares, or 2D cubes, on headbands almost as a religious or tribal identification.

I can’t tell if the ruined city is in the past, or if it’s more like ruins that the big heads discovered, or if it was a failed project that they relocated. There is some amount of time and space not acting as expected, beyond the established 3D gimmick, as when you enter the hut in the forest that exits in the mausoleum, or the underground place that is being rendered out of glitches.

Two tiny details that I thought were incredible: the tribal Gomezes live in 2 dimensional huts which they see with 1 dimensional eyes. They see in 2 dimensions because that’s how many there are, while Gomez and the big heads have 2 eyes and can see in three dimensions, and the space squid have 3 eyes which presumably means they can see in four dimensions. This implies that the world was evolving as the creatures were.

Two final thoughts:

  1. I think there might have been a second alien race or something. Throughout the game are skulls with three eyes, but laid out on a line, not in a triangular shape like the space squid have.

  2. I’m not entirely sure why the one-eyes started worshipping owls, but in UFO lore, owls and aliens (in particular grays) are closely related. I have a friend who swears up and down he was visited by a talking owl as a kid, and the owl told him about the relationship between humans and aliens. It’s as if, in the game, owls can straddle all the possible worlds because they can fly and see all the dimensions.

Source : Link , Question Author : Keith , Answer Author : fredley

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