What’s the best strategy for early play in Pokemon-Go?

I am still unable to play Pokemon-Go but I want to have a solid strategy when I can finally play.

Are there any special ways of catching up quickly in XP for someone who will start for the first time?


If you want to level up fast:


Save evolutions for lucky egg effects.

Lucky eggs double all of the experience you gain for the 30 minutes after you use them. You get a lucky egg once you reach level 9 and every multiple of 5 thereafter (10, 15, 20, etc.). You can also buy them from the store for Pokécoins (which can be purchased with real money). Being under their effect at all times that you’re playing the game will make you level up extremely fast right off the bat, but if you don’t want to spend the money and want to level up efficiently the old fashioned way:

  • catch every Pokémon you can find, send extra ones to the professor*
  • visit Pokéstops
  • ignore gyms (for now)
  • don’t spend candy
  • don’t spend stardust
  • don’t evolve (for now)

* Keep enough Pokémon to evolve them:

If you have collected ~50 Pidgey candy you can evolve 4 Pidgeys (12
candy each), so you have to keep 4 Pidgeys in your inventory. (For
other Pokémon check how many candy they need to evolve and keep enough
of them)

If you have accumulated enough Pokémon to evolve and their candy you can use a lucky egg and evolve them all at once. It’s recommended to use cheap Pokémon for this, like Pidgey, Caterpie, etc., which cost 12 candy to evolve[1]. Also it is useful to use lure modules and incense with your lucky egg and double the catch XP as well while evolving your zoo.

When you reached a decent level and you start caring about gyms you can then start spending stardust. Don’t waste it as it gets more and more expensive to power up Pokémon later. It’s not necessarily needed to level up, but keeps the fun factor higher. If you want to power up a few Pokémon make sure to power up Pokémon with higher CP as they need much less stardust to get combat ready.

Edit for clarification

[1] Of course you can keep more expensive ones as well (like Rattata) and evolve them with the egg effect enabled. If you’re really running out of space by that time make sure to keep the ones, where you don’t have the evolved form in your Pokédex, yet, in order to also get the “first catch” bonus x2.

Source : Link , Question Author : LampPost , Answer Author : Chase Sandmann

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