What’s the best way to grow mushrooms?

Now that mushrooms can be farmed, what’s the best pattern of mushrooms to make to grow them optimally? Are there any other conditions that affect growth (such as water/surrounding crops when growing wheat)? What is the rate of growth at this optimal layout?


The best pattern of mushrooms to make to grow them optimally

  1. Flat ground. Mushroom spawning is 50% likely to happen at the same height, or 25% likely higher or lower by one block. If it can’t be spawned there, then the chance is wasted.
  2. Sparse planting. Mushrooms spread as far as two blocks away, so make enough room for them.

The rate of growth is only affected by the above two factors.

Other conditions that affect growth

If you can plant it by hand somewhere, it can be spawned there. No other factors. I.e.

  1. Only at empty space (air blocks) with light level <= 12;
  2. Only on opaque blocks.

The rate of growth at this optimal layout

Well, I can’t predict exactly. But it should always be much slower than other plants’ (it seems 100 times slower but i’m not sure).

Source : Link , Question Author : fredley , Answer Author : xfs

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