What’s the best way to herd sheep?

Since sheep are now persistent in Minecraft, whats the best way of herding them into a pen or farm?

Our current solution is to use a combination of fishing poles, buckets of water, and simply pushing the sheep till they all fall down a 1-space wide hole, then herd them using water to our underground farm.

The server I’m playing on is v 1.8


I saw an interesting design somewhere where the player made an enclosed pen using fences, and put stairs around the edges so the animals could be pushed up the stairs and into the pen, but couldn’t escape.

Animals can be pushed in easily but can't escape

You could also use a system of water canals to try to bring sheep farther away closer, making the task of pushing them into the pen less cumbersome.

Source : Link , Question Author : Rachel , Answer Author : Kevin Yap

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