What’s the difference between the Fancy and Fast settings in Minecraft?

I was under the impression that the Fancy/Fast graphics settings would be a purely visual thing, with lighting/textures/what have you turned down, essentially.
But reading this question, it appears there are some functional differences between the two as well (the example given is that you can place torches on leaf blocks in Fast mode, but not in Fancy mode).

Is this just the result of a glitch, or is it intentional? Are there other differences in gameplay between the two, whether they’re glitches or designed?


This is a complete list of everything noted on the Minecraft Wiki:

  • Leaves On Fancy, tree leaves are transparent. On Fast they are opaque
  • Clouds On Fancy, clouds are 3D, on Fast they are 2D.
  • Grass On Fancy, the sides of grass blocks have the same hue as the top, on Fast they do not (they have the default hue).
  • Item drops and frames render in 3D in fancy, and flat in Fast.

Source : Link , Question Author : Alex , Answer Author : fredley

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