What’s the fastest way to find melons?

I’m frequently finding myself in situations where I am barely hungry with 9\10 Drumsticks filled, but also with low health. I don’t want to waste cooked meat on filling that last Drumstick to start my health regen. Melon slices, which fill 1 slot of the hunger bar (or one Drumstick), would be perfect for keeping me full.

What’s the fastest way to find melons?


There are three ways to obtain melon slices:

  1. Grow and harvest a melon block.

    • Locate an abandoned mineshaft, they commonly intersect with a ravine, so ravines are a good place to look for them.

    • Look for chest within an abandoned mineshaft. According to the wiki, the chests there have 13% chance to contain 2-4 melon seeds.

    • Grow melon on farmland using melon seeds.

    • Harvesting the fully grown melon block yields 3-7 Melon Slices.

  2. Trade with farmer villager.

    • Find an NPC village. They can only be found in desert or plains biome.

    • Obtain emeralds by trading with villagers or from mining (Emerald Ore is very, very rare).

    • Look for the 1 emerald for 5-8 melon slices deals offered by farmer villagers. They are the ones dressed in brown robes.

    • If no villagers offer that deal, you can grow more villagers by building more houses (doors). Alternatively, you can kill villagers to make room for new villagers to spawn.

  3. Find a jungle biome. If you explore a jungle biome enough you could find melon blocks. Break these and get 5-8 melon slices per block. From there you could craft the slices into seeds and start a farm.

It depends on your situation to determine which way is faster. Finding and exploring abandoned mineshafts will be more fun but does not guarantee you will find melon seeds. Discovering an NPC village guarantees that you will eventually have a villager that will trade melon slices. As a surplus some villagers might have some really nice trades, but it gets really, really annoying when you have a lot of villagers.

Either way, to sustain a constant supply of melon slices, the best way is to have a melon farm. As mentioned above, melon seeds can be found in abandoned mineshaft chests. They can also be crafted, 1 melon seed from 1 melon slice.

Additional Note: The 13% chance to find 2-4 melon seeds in an abandoned mineshaft chest sounds very slim, but there is a high chance that there will be more than one chest in an abandoned mineshaft. They are big places after all.

Source : Link , Question Author : John the Green , Answer Author : JonK

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