What’s the fastest way to find mineshafts?

I’m on the hunt for melons, and one place I’m fairly sure I can find them is a mineshaft. Which leaves me back at square one, how do I find a mine shaft? It seems they were made substantially harder to find between 1.8 and 1.0.

What’s the fastest way to find a mineshaft?


Abandoned Mineshafts are obvious once you’ve spotted them, since (with the exception of the libraries within Strongholds) they are the only naturally generated structures that use wood and fences. In addition, there are cobwebs scattered around them, especially around Cave Spider spawners.

There aren’t any surefire ways of finding Abandoned Mineshafts, but you could start by exploring various caves, and once you see Wooden Planks, you know you’ve found one. The Minecraft Wiki page suggests looking for a ravine, since Abandoned Mineshafts are sometimes found intersecting them, and the wood structures will be a dead giveaway. They’re not like Strongholds where you can use Eye of Enders to find them; you’ll have to go spelunking if you want to find the mineshafts.

Source : Link , Question Author : John the Green , Answer Author : Kyle Rone

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