What’s the fastest way to level up to level 2 in ingress?

I’ve started playing ingress recently, and it’s fun, but it’s really annoying to be unable to use most of the items you get when you’re at level 1. The level 1 xmp’s are too weak to take over much of anything that’s not already weakened unless you have a lot of them.

I’ve been walking around hacking things for hours trying to level up, but it’s taking quite a long time. It seems like all I can do at this point is hack enemy portals for 100 AP at a time since I run out of level 1 xmp’s before destroying resonators. If I’m lucky I find a friendly portal without all the shields filled in, but even that is only 150 AP. I can’t deploy higher level resonators that enable long links. I’ve been around friendly portals that an enemy was trying to attack and was able to save it by recharging as they attacked, but that doesn’t give any AP points. So it seems like just level grinding till you get to the higher levels.

Am I missing something obvious or easy to get AP points early in the game?


Hack plenty of enemy portals. You get 100 AP for hacking an enemy portal, but none for hacking a friendly one.

If there are no unclaimed portals around (highly likely in some locations), find a level 1 enemy portal and start slugging away. You’ll want a few dozen XMP bursters at minimum to destroy the portal, but the rewards are high–destroying 8 resonators and planting 8 of your own on a single portal will get you almost a quarter of the way there. Even if you don’t manage to capture the whole portal, you’ll still have gotten 75 AP for each resonator you destroy.

Deploying portal shields is a good way to get AP that may not be obvious at first. Check every friendly portal you encounter to see if it has a full complement of shields. If it doesn’t, deploy as many as you can. You get 150 AP for each one.

Source : Link , Question Author : mmrobins , Answer Author : phenry

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