What’s the health formula in Fallout 4?

How much health is gained per level up?

Does health per level increase retroactively after increasing endurance?


Your character starts with a base HP of 80, with 5 extra points for every point of endurance. When you level up you gain a base of 2.5 HP, along with half of your endurance.

This effect is retroactive, your HP will raise accordingly if your endurance increases. Note that this does not account for any enhancements from gear, stims, or food.

In order to account for buffs, you can use the complete formula:

80 + (CurrentEndurance * 5) + (Level - 1) * (PermanentEndurance * .5 + 2.5)

PermanentEndurance refers to all endurance accrued via bobbleheads, the SPECIAL book, perk assignment, or initial SPECIAL assignment at the beginning of the game. CurrentEndurance accounts for endurance bonuses from gear and buffs.

You can find more information in the Fallout Wiki article.

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