What’s the most efficient usage of the golden mushroom in Mario Kart 64?

When you get an golden mushroom (the orange one) in Mario Kart 64, should you repeatedly press the Z button as quickly as possible, or should you delay it a bit in order to maximize the boost you get from the mushroom?


Okay, I’ve did some testing, and, it really doesn’t matter much how you use it, as using a “pumping motion” (leaving a slight delay between each usage) or “pressing it as fast as you can” give both a direct boost to maximum speed, the item has a fixed usage time, and you can’t double up on the boost.

HOWEVER, the most important thing, for efficient usage, is to always start your next boost before the speedboost effect of your previous boost has ended.

As a result, pressing it as fast as you can after 4 pump usages might give you the last boost closer to the end of the item, giving you a litle bit of extra distance, while still retaining the most control over your kart.

A final important thing to note is that unlike most other items, you can’t pick up another item, while under the effects of the golden shroom.

Source : Link , Question Author : Senseful , Answer Author : alexanderpas

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